Corporate parenting, the local offer and personal adviser support

Closed 27 Nov 2017

Opened 16 Oct 2017


We are consulting on three sets of guidance to accompany sections 1 – 3 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017.

Why your views matter

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 received Royal Assent on 27 April 2017. During passage of the Bill and as part of legislation, the government committed to consulting on and providing guidance to support the delivery of the new legislative requirements. We are seeking views on:

  • Draft statutory guidance for local authorities on applying the corporate parenting principles to care and pathway planning;
  • An illustrative local offer for care leavers and accompanying guidance on the local offer for local authorities; and
  • Draft statutory guidance on extending the offer of personal adviser support for care leavers to age 25.

The consultation will run for 6 weeks.


  • Local authorities
  • Young people
  • Foster carers
  • Social workers
  • Government bodies and departments


  • Accommodation (Looked after children)
  • Advocacy (Looked after children)
  • Care leavers and former looked-after children
  • Financial support (Looked after children)
  • Health and wellbeing (Looked after children)
  • Programmes and initiatives (Looked after children)
  • Support in education