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This site hosts consultations run by the Department for Education. Public participation is important to the development of our policies and guidance so please have your say.

Consultations that started before 21 January 2016 can be found at e-consultation

Open Consultations

  • Reforms to unregulated provision for children in care and care leavers

    Children in care and care leavers are some of the most vulnerable children and young people in society. Every child and young person should have access to a stable and secure placement in accommodation that can meet their needs and, most importantly, keep them safe. We need to work together to... More

    Closes 3 June 2020

Closed Consultations

  • Regulating Independent Educational Institutions

    This consultation seeks views on a number of proposals for legislation. A commitment to consult on the first proposal was included in a statement by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System, Lord Agnew, in March 2018. In summary, the proposals are: Expanding... More

    Closed 7 May 2020

  • Keeping children safe in education: proposed revisions 2020

    This consultation was withdrawn on 31 March 2020 We have suspended the 2020 Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) consultation due to coronavirus, COVID-19. We do not know when the consultation is likely to resume but are monitoring the situation closely. At this point in... More

    Closed 31 March 2020

  • Behaviour hubs lead school and MAT application

    In light of the latest public health measures and current pressures schools are facing, we have decided to introduce a second opportunity to apply to become a lead school or MAT for the behaviour hubs programme later in the year. Applications submitted in this current window (closing 30... More

    Closed 30 March 2020

  • Subcontracting post-16 education and training with Education and SKills Funding Agency (ESFA) funding

    We are seeking views from providers who have an interest in subcontracted delivery to inform our thinking about reforms to subcontracting arrangements. This consultation is now closed but providers can still submit a response to the consultation by emailing ... More

    Closed 17 March 2020

  • Music education: call for evidence

    We are seeking views on music education, to inform our proposals for the refresh of the National Plan for Music Education. More

    Closed 13 March 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We Asked

We asked for views about strengthening the arrangements for ring-fencing DSG so that it is clear that DSG deficits do not have to be met from local authorities’ general funds.

You Said

The majority of respondents agreed with the proposals but thought they needed further strengthening to achieve what was intended.

We Did

The department put the ring-fencing requirement into the School and Early Years Finance Regulations 2020 to give it statutory backing.  DSG deficits can no longer be paid off from general funds without requesting permission from the Secretary of State, and the DfE will work with authorities to enable them to pay off their deficits from within DSG funds.

We Asked

For your views on our proposals to improve data on the FE workforce. In particular we wanted to know how plans for a mandatory annual workforce data collection would be received by those within the intended scope of the collection and those who would be responsible for making the data returns.

You Said

We were pleased to get a good response covering lots of different voices from the further education sector including providers, sector representatives organisations and individuals working in FE. All comments were considered as part of the review of proposals and reflected in the consultation response.

We Did

As a result, we intend to press ahead by introducing a workforce data collection from the 2020/21 academic year, which will be mandatory from the 2021/22 academic year.


A summary of the responses received was included in the full consultation response. The Department will now work with the Education and Skills Funding Agency to prepare for the launch of the collection.

The ESFA will review the impact that Covid-19 disruption has on user-testing and software development. Providers will be informed to what extent this may affect the development timetable. We do not currently expect this to change the requirement for mandatory returns in the 2021/22 academic year.

We Asked

We asked for your views on proposals from employer groups to develop new Apprenticeship Standards, to help ensure that any new Standards taken forward for development are viable, high quality, and widely supported. In particular we wanted to know whether the proposed Apprenticeships were in recognised occupations requiring at least 12 months of training, and whether the Standard would duplicate any others already in existence.

You Said

We received a wide range of responses across all bids, including from, employers, universities, Trade Association, Federation, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Theatres and schools. All comments were considered as part of the overall review of proposals carried out by the department.

We Did

We approved the following Apprenticeship proposals for development:

  • Digital User Experience Professional
  • Express Delivery Manager
  • Financial Services Professional
  • Senior Leader
  • Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer
  • Motor Finance Specialist
  • Power Networks Engineer
  • Puppet Maker
  • Stone Mason

A summary of comments received was included in the feedback to each proposal. The Department will now support the successful employer groups to develop their Standards.