Implementing a New FE Funding and Accountability System

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Closes 21 Sep 2022


Thank you for taking the time to respond to this government consultation on reforms to adult skills funding and the accountability system for further education in England.

In the Skills for Jobs White Paper we set out our vision to transform further education. We want people to get the advanced technical and higher technical skills they need to get good jobs. Colleges’ place at the centre of their local communities and economies means that they are key to unlocking opportunities across the country and to building back better.

These reforms will deliver a key commitment of the White Paper – it addresses the underlying system of complex funding for adult skills and limited focus on outcomes through proposals to reform adult skills funding and the wider accountability system for colleges and other grant funded providers.

Responding to the consultation

You will not need to respond to every question in the consultation and may choose to skip as necessary. The questions are in the same order as published in the consultation document.

It is important that you read the relevant parts of the consultation document ahead of answering the questions. Relevant page numbers are provided throughout. 

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You can read more about what the DfE does when we ask for and hold your personal information : Personal information charter - Department for Education - GOV.UK (

We are collecting your data as part of the FE Funding and Accountability reform consultation. We ask for your name to help us to identify duplicated responses. The data we collect will be processed confidentially as part of our analysis of responses to the consultation. Any data used to inform future government policies or publications will remain anonymous.

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