Reformed Functional Skills Mathematics and English Subject Content

Closed 7 Nov 2017

Opened 12 Sep 2017


Consultation on reformed subject content for Functional Skills qualifications in mathematics and English.

Why your views matter

The Government is reforming functional skills qualifications to improve their relevance and content, and to build their recognition and credibility in the labour market.

The reformed subject content consultation document asks questions on the proposed content for all five qualification levels in mathematics and English. The consultation will run from 12 September until 07 November 2017.

In parallel with this consultation Ofqual, the examinations regulator, is consulting on the revised regulatory requirements for the reformed Functional Skills. View and respond to this separate consultation on Ofqual’s website.

We would be grateful if you could include comments within your response to support your views.


  • Teachers
  • Training providers
  • Adult education providers
  • Employers
  • Community representatives


  • Lifelong learning