Implementation of T level programmes

Closes 8 Feb 2018

Procurement and contracting of qualifications

38. What material could reasonably be included under the copyright of a technical qualification? Are there any other steps that we could take, within the parameters of the legislation, that would allow this to operate effectively and in everyone's interests?

39. How can the above mechanisms (i.e. licence length, lotting and transferability) be used to help AOs recover their investment, maintain appropriate profit margins but also keep the market competitve for future re-procurements?

40. When contracts are re-procured, what would be needed over and above the licensed copyright to submit a competitive bid? How will AOs keep their skills levels up to maintain their capability to bid in future re-procurements?

41. Are there other variables (in addition to those listed in the text document) that could influence the return on investment for AOs? How might these factors influence interest from the AO sector for initial and further competitions?