Implementation of T level programmes

Closes 8 Feb 2018

Delivery of T levels

31. What do you think the biggest challenge will be for providers in delivering new T levels and what additional support do you think providers will need? Specifically, ensuring: - the right facilities are available - the right equipment is available -appropriately trained staff are recruited, and in the numbers required -existing staff get high quality training and development

32. What information do you think will need to be provided to be able to market T levels effectively to students and parents and how far in advance of first teaching will it be needed?

33. How much engagement do providers currently have with industry professionals in shaping the curriculum, teaching and training other members of staff?

34. What challenges will providers face if they want to bring in more industry expertise?

35. Should we seek to further influence which T levels are offered by providers, according to local and national skills needs?

36. How do providers currently take account of local and national skills needs when planning their provision and how do they work with the existing structures that have responsibility for local skills planning?

37. What additional support will providers need to ensure that T levels meet local skills priorities?