Implementation of T level programmes

Closes 8 Feb 2018

Work placements

11. Do you agree with the proposed approach integrating the work placement within the T level programme?

12. Do you agree with the proposed method of appraising the student's performance on their work placement, including the Employer Reference?

13. Do you agree with the proposed approach to quality assurance set out above?

14. What additional support or further modifications should be available to those with greater needs or special circumstances (such as caring responsibilities) during a work placement?

15. How can we support students to access work placements relevant to their course in areas where there are no employers to offer work placements nearby?

16. Do you agree with our suggested approach to providing students with financial support whilst on a work placement?

17. What are the common barriers/challenges for employers to host work placements and how can we support employers to offer work placements?

18. How do these challenges vary across industries and location types?

19. How can the range of employers, including SMEs, be better supported to offer work placements for students with additional needs?

20. Would employers value a recognition in delivering work placements, for example through a form of 'kitemarking'?