School Security guidance

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Closes 18 Feb 2019


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1. Does the guidance provide schools with sufficient information to be able to develop a security policy and plan to reflect its own characteristics and local priorities?

2. Is there anything missing from the guidance that would help a school to develop its policy?

3. Does the guidance provide a mechanism for all schools to be able to identify the internal and external security risks they may face? If not, please indicate what could be included in the guidance.

4. What do you see as the main security issues facing your school and/or schools in your local area?

5. Does the guidance provide sufficient information for schools to put in place measures to manage the risks identified?

6. If not, please indicate what could be included in the guidance.

7. Does the guidance provide sufficient direction to help schools identify appropriate preventative measures to limit or lessen the chances of an incident occurring?

8. What innovative preventative measures has your school used, e.g. anonymous reporting mechanisms? What degree of success have you had in using such innovative measures?

9. Please provide examples of how a whole school approach has helped you to deal with identified security risks.

10. Does the guidance provide sufficient information to enable schools to draw up recovery and evaluation plans? If not, please indicate what should be included?

11. Drawing on your experience over the last 24 months, how/did you evaluate the effectiveness of your recovery plans and how did your plans change as a consequence?

12. Does the guidance help schools to educate and raise awareness with staff and pupils about the consequences of carrying weapons?

13. Can you provide examples of how your school currently deters and restricts the risk of weapons being brought into school?

14. Please give examples that provide an illustration of close partnership working with the police and local security networks and explain why they are effective?

15. How could this partnership working be built on or improved?