Initial teacher training (ITT) market review: recommendations

Closed 22 Aug 2021

Opened 5 Jul 2021

Feedback updated 1 Dec 2021

We asked

We asked for views on the report and recommendations produced by the expert advisory group appointed to review the ITT market for courses leading to qualified teacher status.

You said

Many respondents were supportive of principles of the Quality Requirements but noted logistical and resourcing challenges to implementing them in practice, particularly for the requirements on intensive practice placements, minimum time allocations and mentoring. Respondents were concerned about providers' ability to prepare their applications for accreditation in the time available, given the indicative timeline set out in the consultation document.

We did

We have accepted the report's central recommendation that all ITT courses leading to qualified teacher status should adhere to a set of Quality Requirements, and that all providers of these courses should go through an accreditation process taking place in the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic years to ensure they can meet the new requirements on an ongoing basis.

Based on the consultation feedback, we have amended the Quality Requirements proposed by the expert advisory group to address the potential challenges to implementation identified by respondents. We have also extended the timeline for first delivery of the Quality Requirements by one year to September 2024 and will be providing funding to support providers and their partners to implement them into their ITT courses.

Our full response to the report’s recommendations, including the results of the consultation, can be found in on the GOV.UK website.


We are seeking views on the recommendations made in the report of the ITT market review.

Why your views matter

The Department for Education appointed an expert group to undertake a review of the ITT market for courses that lead to qualified teacher status. The aim of the review is to enable the provision of consistently high-quality training in line with the ITT core content framework.

Following the publication of the Initial teacher training (ITT) market review report - GOV.UK (, the department is seeking views on the recommendations made by the expert group.


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