Implementing the direct national funding formula

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Closes 9 Sep 2022


In 2021 we held our first-stage consultation on the direct national funding formula (NFF) for schools. Following the feedback to that consultation, the Government confirmed our commitment to introduce the direct NFF.

This current consultation focuses further on the detail of the implementation of the direct NFF. It does not restate our broad proposals for reform, which are outlined in the first consultation and the response.

This consultation asks for views on how the direct NFF will work in practice, which includes:

  • The interaction between the direct NFF and funding for high needs,
  • How funding for schools experiencing significant growth in pupil numbers, or falling rolls, could operate under a direct NFF
  • How the minimum funding guarantee - which protects schools against excessive year-on-year changes in their per-pupil funding – will continue to operate
  • How the funding cycle should operate in the direct NFF – that is, the regular timescales for gathering data to calculate funding allocations, and then confirming these allocations to schools
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