A World-Class Education System: The Advanced British Standard consultation

Closed 20 Mar 2024

Opened 14 Dec 2023


Over the next decade, we are seeking to introduce the Advanced British Standard (ABS), a new Baccalaureate-style qualification framework for 16-19 year-olds. The ABS will:

  • Bring together technical and academic routes into a single framework, taking the best of A levels and T Levels.
  • Increase the number of taught hours for all students.
  • Require students to study maths and English to the age of 18.
  • Offer greater breadth, increasing the average number of subjects students take post 16, with students able to choose a combination of bigger and smaller subjects, called ‘majors’ and ‘minors’.
  • Have a clear offer for all students.

The consultation document contains policy proposals to support the aims outlined above.

Why your views matter

Through the delivery of a number of reforms over the past decade, Government has focused on improving the quality of post-16 education, so that all qualifications prepare young people for their next step – whether that is further study, an apprenticeship or employment – and ultimately a successful career and adult life. We have taken great strides here, but the traditional parallel structures of A levels and technical qualifications has constraints: it limits the breadth of young people’s education and prevents full parity between technical and academic routes.

The introduction of the ABS is designed to address these issues, raising the attainment floor for students, and better ensuring young people are prepared for higher education, employment and life. ​

Your views are important, and we want to hear them. Your feedback will help us to continue developing our approach for the ABS and how it is delivered. We encourage you to read the consultation document before responding to the corresponding questions in the survey.

If you would like a Braille version of the consultation document, please email ABS.consultation@education.gov.uk


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