Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Improving Career Progression for Teachers

Closes 9 Mar 2018

Supply Teaching and Additional Considerations

12. Do you think we should maintain the limitation on how long a teacher can teach on a supply basis without completing QTS?

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It is important that teachers starting their two-year induction period are adequately prepared, and that their knowledge and skills are up-to-date. This is why we would expect most teachers to continue straight from ITT. Currently, a teacher who has not passed induction can teach on a supply basis for up to five years without starting their induction. After that point, they have to complete induction in order to continue to teach. We propose maintaining this limitation, so a teacher can teach on a supply basis if they hold QTS(P), but only for a limited number of years, by which time they must have started their QTS period.

13. What impact do you think this model of a strengthened QTS would have on post-ITT teachers in terms of teaching practice, retention, and morale?

Teaching practice

14. What impact would the proposed model of a strengthened QTS have on the wider school system?

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By the ‘wider school system’, we mean anything beyond the impact on the individual teacher. 

15. Are there any other implications that we should consider that have not been addressed above, and what are your suggestions for addressing them?