Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Improving Career Progression for Teachers

Closes 9 Mar 2018

Mentoring and Development Time

6. From the options set out in paragraph 47 of the consultation, which of these proposals do you think would help improve the quality and quantity of mentoring for all new teachers?

More Information

In Part 2 of the consultation we consider how we can support the development of a culture of mentoring for all teachers, including ensuring that there is capacity among more experienced teachers to provide mentoring. However, we specifically want to strengthen the mentoring entitlement for new teachers and early career teachers. There are a number of proposals that are specifically relevant to these teachers that could support the development of a stronger mentoring offer for them:

  • We propose reviewing the existing ITT mentor standards to make sure they are also appropriate for mentors of new teachers.
  • We welcome views on the benefits of adding an additional mentor role into the statutory induction guidance, in addition to the role of the induction tutor. Currently, the induction tutor provides monitoring and support, but is also responsible for coordinating assessment of the NQT. This dual role can mean an NQT is reluctant to seek help with particular challenges in case it affects their assessment. This is not always conducive to effective mentoring, where the mentee must be able to openly discuss challenges.
  • We propose strengthening the statutory induction guidance to require schools to provide more frequent mentoring sessions, and for the accountable body, in this case appropriate bodies, to assess this provision more rigorously.
  • We propose commissioning the development of high-quality training for mentors, or expanding the provision of existing training if of sufficient quality. This should build knowledge of what strong mentoring looks like, and how to manage mentoring in conjunction with other workload pressures. We will consider making it mandatory for all schools.

7. How else can we improve the quality and quantity of mentoring for all new teachers?

8. How should we ensure that new teachers get sufficient time to focus on their professional development?