Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Improving Career Progression for Teachers

Closes 9 Mar 2018

Assessment and Accreditation

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As well as producing guidance to support QTS assessment against the Teachers’ Standards, we believe there are areas where the current system of independent verification can usefully be strengthened. There is significant variability between appropriate bodies in terms of their offer to schools, including the guidance and support provided, induction programmes and training for induction tutors, and what they charge. There is no quality assurance of the service provision, there are some gaps in geographical coverage and there is little support and guidance for appropriate bodies, particularly those new to the role. We have considered a number of options:

  • Developing more detailed guidance with the Teaching Schools Council and the Local Government Association on what the appropriate body role entails.
  • Facilitating a national network for appropriate bodies to provide support and a forum for working through issues that arise.
  • Introducing a quality assurance mechanism that might include an accreditation process, whereby appropriate bodies have to apply to take on the role, demonstrating that they understand the requirements.

We would also like to consider whether to open up the market to potentially allow ITT providers to act as appropriate bodies. This would be another way of strengthening the bridge between ITT and QTS. ITT providers have significant existing expertise in assessing new teachers, given their current role in awarding QTS, and could bring this expertise to bear on the award of a future QTS. We will consider whether an accredited ITT provider should be prohibited from acting as the appropriate body for a new teacher whom it employs, or has trained in any capacity, as with teaching schools who fulfil the role currently.

9. Do you agree that the QTS assessment should be conducted internally and be independently verified by an appropriate body?

What is an appropiate body?

The appropriate body has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. This includes ensuring that headteachers/principals are meeting their responsibilities in respect of providing a suitable post for induction; that the monitoring, support, assessment and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate; and making the final decision on whether the NQT’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory. The appropriate body should also, as local capacity, resources and agreements allow, provide guidance, support and assistance with NQTs’ induction programmes; and provide assistance and advice with training for induction tutors.

10. How do you think we should strengthen the independent verification of QTS accreditation?

11. What role do you think ITT providers could play in the assessment and accreditation of QTS?