Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Improving Career Progression for Teachers

Closes 9 Mar 2018

Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Continuing Professional Development

Our proposed model for a strengthened QTS is illustrated in the following diagram:

An image displaying the point at which QTS will be awarded. QTS (Provisional) will be awarded after initial teacher training, followed by an induction period, after which QTS will be awarded.



1. Do you think that QTS should be awarded after a period of sustained professional practice rather than the end of initial teacher training (ITT), as it is currently?

2. Do you agree that a core early career content framework and a continuing professional development (CPD) offer for new teachers should be fundamental to a strengthened QTS?

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Teachers reflecting on and improving their practice is fundamental to making the strengthened QTS a success. As teachers know, only during a period of sustained practice does one fully appreciate the importance of the theory and knowledge taught during ITT. These first months and years require teachers to evaluate and adapt their teaching, drawing on evidence, CPD and the experience of their mentor and senior colleagues. We want to ensure that a culture of CPD is embedded during these first few years and continues throughout a teacher’s career.

To do this, we will develop a proposal for a structured early career content framework that is adaptable to the needs of the individual teacher, but ensures that all new teachers develop in key competencies. The content of this framework must complement ITT, and will mirror, to an extent, the purpose of the existing ITT core content framework, forming a coherent narrative from one stage to the next.

We will work with teachers and sector experts to define and develop the content of this framework. We think that this will be a set of core knowledge and professional skills that all teachers should have developed to a certain standard during their time as an NQT, in order to be awarded QTS. This framework would significantly extend what is already taught in ITT, and could potentially include:

  • Subject and curriculum knowledge
  • Evidence-based pedagogy, including subject-specific pedagogy
  • Use of and engagement with evidence
  • Behaviour management
  • Use and understanding of assessment
  • Supporting pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND)

3. What core competencies, knowledge areas or particular skills do you think should be developed in a structured way during the induction period?

4. Do you think we should extend the induction period?

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We are proposing that the current one-year induction period is lengthened to a two-year induction period. Two years provides new teachers with more opportunity to develop their professional knowledge and practice. It allows teachers who develop faster to demonstrate a sustained standard of practice, potentially in different settings, and develop the expectation of career-long professional development.

5. We have used the names QTS(P) and QTS throughout this document. Do you think that these terms are appropriate?

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QTS (Provisional)/QTS(P) followed by QTS
Certificate of Completion of ITT followed by QTS
Associate Teacher Status followed by QTS