Home Education – Call for Evidence and revised DfE guidance

Closes 2 Jul 2018

Opened 10 Apr 2018


Call for evidence on greater oversight of children whose parents elect to educate them at home, and consultation on revised DfE guidance documents..

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation has two parts. First, it is a call for evidence on issues connected with elective home education, in particular:

a. registration of children educated at home;

b. monitoring of home education provision; and

c. support for home-educating families

Secondly, it seeks comment on draft versions of two DfE guidance documents about elective home education, one designed for local authorities and one for parents.

Both documents are available to download in the grey section at the bottom of the page.

Give Us Your Views


  • Local authorities
  • Pupils
  • Young people
  • Parents
  • Directors of children's services


  • Education
  • Keeping children safe in education and other settings
  • Teaching and learning (SEND)