Golden Hello – Proposed end date for claims

Closed 8 Mar 2018

Opened 25 Jan 2018


Our proposal is to confirm an end date of 31 August 2019, for eligible teachers to make Golden Hello claims to academies or LEAs in England.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this exercise is to identify a suitable end date for eligible teachers to submit outstanding Golden Hello claims to academies or LEAs in England.

Further guidance on the Golden Hello scheme is on GOV.UK.

The main points we considered were:

  • A 99% reduction in Golden Hello payments over the last four financial years;
  • Historical claims suggest that the vast majority of eligible teachers have already successfully claimed; and
  • Those that may still be eligible would have reasonable opportunity to submit their claim before the proposed end date.

This does not impact the Teaching Grant scheme in Wales.

What happens next

Thank you to those who responded to our consultation. 

We will evaluate all the responses and publish written confirmation of our findings and decision in March 2018.


  • Teachers
  • Headteachers
  • Governors
  • School support staff
  • Training providers
  • Local authorities
  • Unions and representative organisations
  • Universities


  • Education
  • Academies
  • Pay, conditions and pensions
  • Recruitment