Higher Education Statistics

Closed 4 Sep 2016

Opened 4 Aug 2016


We’re seeking the views of people interested in information to help students and parents choose the right higher education opportunities.

Why your views matter

This survey is primarily to gather the views of higher education sector stakeholders on the outcome measures that would be most useful for people choosing higher education courses.

The results of the survey, which remains open to 4 September 2016, will feed into decisions on future releases of government data on graduate employment and earnings outcomes, known as the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data.

What happens next

A summary report of the results of this survey will be available after 30 September 2016. To request a copy, please email dominic.kingaby@bis.gsi.gov.uk


  • Teachers
  • Adult education providers
  • Young people
  • Parents


  • Careers guidance