Post-Qualification Admissions Reform Consultation

Closed 13 May 2021

Opened 21 Jan 2021


We're seeking views on proposed changes to higher education admissions to a system of Post-Qualification Admissions (PQA).

Why your views matter

This consultation follows the commitment from Government to level up the university admissions system and seeks views on whether to change the current system of higher education admissions and move to a system of post-qualification admissions (PQA).

This document sets out the rationale for reform, whilst seeking views on the current admissions process and sets out potential models for a PQA system, seeking views on delivery.

We will analyse the responses from this consultation carefully – including evidence on the impact on schools, colleges, providers and other organisations – before taking final decisions on whether and how to introduce a PQA system.


  • Teachers
  • Headteachers
  • School support staff
  • Adult education providers
  • Further education colleges
  • Sixth form colleges
  • Independent specialist colleges
  • Designated institutions and 16-19 academies
  • 16-18 year old students resident at these institutions
  • Virtual school heads
  • SENCOs
  • Pupils
  • Young people
  • Parents
  • Universities


  • Education
  • Participation of young people in education, employment and training
  • HE