Mandatory minimum per pupil funding levels in 5-16 school funding

Closed 22 Oct 2019

Opened 10 Sep 2019


Consultation on making the national minimum per pupil funding levels mandatory to use in local authority funding formulae from 2020-21.

Why your views matter

We're seeking views on how local authorities should implement the national funding formula's mandatory minimum per pupil funding levels in local funding formulae, covering:

  • the methodology used to calculate the minimum per pupil levels in local funding formulae;
  • the circumstances in which local authorities can request to disapply the use of the minimum per pupil levels;
  • any other considerations for delivering this change at local level;
  • with regard to the public sector equality duty, the impact of the proposals on different groups of pupils, particularly those with protected characteristics.


  • Local authorities


  • School and academy funding
  • School funding reform