Introducing national standards for unregulated provision

Closed 19 Jul 2021

Opened 24 May 2021


We're seeking views on proposed standards for unregulated provision for looked after children and care leavers aged 16 & 17.

Why your views matter

The number of children in care placed in unregulated settings has increased from 2,900 in 2009 to 6,490 in 2020. We want to ensure these placements are good quality. 

This consultation invites views on:

  • The key indicators of whether a provider is delivering ‘care’ or ‘support’
  • How best to define this provision in future and whether ‘supported accommodation for older children’ is the best descriptor. 
  • What the best provision in this sector looks like and therefore what needs to be accounted for in new national standards. 
  • A proposed suite of national standards
  • How settings should be regulated by Ofsted.


  • Local authorities
  • Parents
  • Foster carers
  • Community representatives
  • Social workers
  • Unions and representative organisations
  • Government bodies and departments
  • Social workers
  • Team managers
  • Service managers
  • Principle social workers
  • Directors of children's services


  • Accommodation (Looked after children)
  • Preventing neglect, abuse and exploitation