Childcare: Regulatory changes

Closed 16 Sep 2022

Opened 4 Jul 2022


We're seeking views to help us reach well-informed and fair decisions on proposed regulatory changes to childcare in England.

Why your views matter

This consultation seeks views on the following proposals:

  • changing the current statutory minimum staff:child ratios in England for 2-year-olds from 1:4 to 1:5
  • making the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework (EYFS) explicit that childminders can care for more than the specified maximum of three children under the age of 5 if they are caring for siblings of children they already care for, or if the childminder is caring for their own baby or child
  • making the EYFS explicit that “adequate supervision” while children are eating means that children must be in sight and hearing of an adult. 

Please ensure you read the consultation document in full before responding to the survey.

What happens next

A summary of the responses to this consultation and the Department's response will be published on Gov.UK in Autumn 2022.


  • Early learning and childcare providers
  • Local authorities
  • Parents
  • Foster carers
  • Adoptive parents
  • Community representatives


  • Early learning and childcare
  • Early years foundation stage