Fire Safety Design for Schools – Building Bulletin (BB) 100 Revised

Closed 15 Aug 2016

Opened 4 Jul 2016


Building Bulletin (BB) 100 advises on how to design school buildings so that they satisfy Building Regulations Part B, “Fire Safety”. It is referred to in Approved Document B, which says that Part B will typically be satisfied where the life safety guidance in BB 100 is followed.

The Building Regulations do not require the installation of sprinklers in schools for life safety and neither does BB 100. However, the use of sprinklers as a property protection measure is highlighted in the guidance, which also advises on how to reduce the risks and effects of arson, as schools have a history of being targeted.

Published in 2007, BB 100 advised on how to design school buildings so that they satisfied Building Regulations Part B, “Fire Safety”. It needed revising for a number of reasons, but particularly because some of its content was out of date, it needed simplifying and it was far too long. These changes had to be made without diminishing or compromising the overriding importance of ensuring the safety of pupils, staff and visitors if a fire does occur in a school.

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