Change to criteria for agreeing loan schemes

Closed 21 Apr 2017

Opened 24 Mar 2017


The Department is seeking views on a proposed revision to section 4.10 (Loan Schemes) of the Scheme for financing schools guidance.

Why your views matter

The Department for Education is seeking views on a proposed directed revision to section 4.10 (Loan Schemes) of the “Scheme for financing schools”. Local authorities are required to publish schemes for financing schools setting out the financial relationship between them and the schools they maintain.

The guidance lists the provisions that a local authority's scheme must, should or may include. We are also proposing to make a related revision to section 8.1 of the “Treatment of surplus and deficit balances when maintained schools become academies”.


  • Teachers
  • Headteachers
  • Governors
  • School support staff
  • Training providers
  • Local authorities
  • Parents
  • Foster carers
  • Adoptive parents


  • Education
  • Academy sponsorship
  • Converting to an academy
  • Academies
  • School and academy funding